Support your local economy and community by joining Eighty One for a Local Produce Dinner. Coming in July, Our Talented Chef’s will be putting together a custom menu designed specifically using locally sourced produce and products. We will have local wine hand paired with each dish to truly highlight the wonderful produce Berwick and Surrounding areas have to offer.

Please keep your eye on our social media pages for more information.



Coming in March, Eighty One is teaming up with one of our Fine Wine suppliers to present an exclusive dinner event. With limited spots available, You will be treated to an extensive custom menu with each course having a specific wine beautifully paired. There will be A Wine representative on the evening to share information and speak about each hand picked wine.

Please stay tuned for more updates.

Littlefood & Company present ‘Hoodlums’ Spoken Word Evenings

WHAT IS HOODLUMS?13938350_1124142484321908_8134776819945477213_n-300x300

Hoodlums Spoken Word is the brainchild of the Littlefoot & Co. team. From the South East of Melbourne, Hoodlums provides a platform for poets, poetry slam performers, spoken word artists, writers, musicians and storytellers to express themselves in a warm, unique and supportive environment.

Hoodlums aim to inspire and assist growth. We facilitate a space for people to connect and have fun whilst also appreciating the spoken word art form.

Check out the Videos here!



Littlefoot & Co. is an event based organisation that provides creative spaces for people to connect, learn, have fun and grow.

It was co-founded by brother and sister duo, Josh and Eden Carell, in 2015 and has now grown into an organisation with a dedicated and passionate committee and extended community.

This community consists of talented and kind individuals who create unique, warm, supportive and creative environments, and who want to put some good into the world through their various events that run every month.


Littlefoot & Co. Website


Let’s make the world a better place.
Let’s inspire growth.
Let’s change people as we change.
Let’s have fun.
Let’s be bold when boldness is required.
Let’s just try and see what happens.


Cocktail Master Class


Shake, Mix and Muddle it up with our Mixology party package!  ($90pp)

An interactive hands on package, guests get to shake, mix and muddle up 4 different cocktails, as instructed by a RSA Certified Master Cocktail Mixologist, with over 10 years experience.

Our cocktail package is perfect for a hens or birthday party, can be a fun team building event or a unique experience. Includes;

–          Drink on Arrival.

–          3 Canapé’ food platters.

–          Individual shaking stations for each guest.

–          Equipment and ingredients to mix, muddle and shake your own cocktails

After your cocktail class, continue the party in your VIP reserved area & sip proudly at your cocktail glasses whilst laughing with your group over your creations.


So, if you’re thinking about booking a fantastic cocktail making party, then you’ve come to the right place. Simply send us an email to confirm your date of the event and number of guests attending and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Get in touch today at info@eightyone.com.au or call and speak to Gary/Dallas on 9768 9555


Looking for something different to do on a date night? Or perhaps an easier way to get the conversation started on that ‘first date’ out with someone new?

Whether it’s a regular date night with your beloved or someone new, a night out with

friends or just you wanting to improve your basic cocktail making skills, our ‘Intimate Cocktail Master Class is a great way to learn and have a fun night out with your besties.

Unlike our Mini Mixology party package, which requires a minimum of 7 in the group, this event can be booked for 1 to 6 participants thereby allowing the most intimate of groups to join in on all the fun of our Cocktail Making Classes.

The event is available Tuesday to Thursday after 3pm, or before 6pm on Friday and Saturday Evenings. You will have your very own reserved VIP bar seating where, under instruction from our Cocktail Master, you will learn the techniques to pummel, muddle, mix and shake your own cocktails to perfection.

You can choose to make 2 or 3 cocktails during your Cocktail Making Class. The cost of the 2 cocktail class is $40pp and runs for an hour, whilst the 3 cocktail option is $55pp and runs for 90 minutes. Each event includes:

–          Reserved VIP Seating at the bar

–          Choice of making 2 or 3 cocktails per person

–          Instruction from our RSA certified cocktail master, with 10+ years experience

–          Equipment and ingredients to mix, muddle and shake your own cocktails

–          Dips Platter

The Cocktail Classes are structured to allow about 30 minutes in between making each

Cocktail. This allows you time to enjoy the cocktail that you just made, while giving you time to chat to your friends or mingle with other bar patrons. Once your cocktail is finished we’ll get you back to your reserved VIP bar seats ready to make your next cocktail.